To composers!

Your pieces can certainly be considered for a future #sightreaddaily project! This is a great opportunity for both your pieces to be played and heard by thousands, and for you to sell some copies, too!

Email with “SightReadDaily” in the subject (all one word). This is how I keep track of the emails for this project!

Attach one or more pieces that you think would work, as well as links to all of your social media handles!

What works best:

  • Short pieces, or a fragment of a piece that is simple, for various levels to learn
  • (optional) If you have your pieces for sale on your website or else where, this is a major bonus for you. Usually, a fragment of the piece will be released to the public for them to learn for free. If they are interested in playing or learning the full piece, a link will be provided for a place they can purchase
  • If you have some form of social media presence! I’d like you to share it on your platforms as well so that as many people as possible get involved!